1》 a tube used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluids.
    ↘a cavity in cast metal.
2》 a device used for smoking tobacco, consisting of a narrow tube with a bowl at one end in which the tobacco is burned, the smoke from which is then drawn into the mouth.
3》 a wind instrument consisting of a single tube with holes along its length that are covered by the fingers to produce different notes.
    ↘(pipes) bagpipes.
    ↘(pipes) a set of musical pipes joined together, as in pan pipes.
    ↘any of the cylindrical tubes by which notes are produced in an organ.
    ↘a boatswain's whistle.
4》 a high-pitched cry or song, especially of a bird.
5》 a cylindrical vein of ore or rock, especially one in which diamonds are found.
6》 Computing a command which causes the output from one routine to be the input for another. [short for pipeline.]
7》 a large cask for wine, especially as a measure equal to two hogsheads.
1》 convey through a pipe or pipes.
2》 transmit (music, a programme, a signal, etc.) by wire or cable.
3》 play (a tune) on a pipe.
    ↘signal the arrival or departure of (someone) by playing a pipe or pipes: the Duke was piped on board.
    ↘use a boatswain's pipe to summon (the crew) to work or a meal.
4》 sing or say in a high, shrill voice.
5》 decorate with piping.
6》 propagate (a pink or similar plant) by taking a cutting at the joint of a stem.
put that in your pipe and smoke it informal said to stress that someone will have to accept a particular fact, even if it is unwelcome.
Phrasal verbs
pipe someone away (or down) Nautical dismiss someone from duty.
pipe something away Nautical give a signal for a boat to start.
pipe down informal stop talking; be less noisy.
pipe up say something suddenly.
pipeful noun (plural pipefuls).
pipeless adjective
pipy adjective
OE pīpe 'musical tube', pīpian 'play a pipe', of Gmc origin, based on L. pipare 'to peep, chirp'.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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